Stucco Contractor Bronx NY

Stucco has been used for centuries and is one of the oldest forms of siding. It can be finished in a many different ways (smooth, raked, swirled) to create different looks.

It can be also be sprayed on. Color can be added to the mix, or it can be painted. Mock stucco is made with synthetic materials and is lighter than real stucco. Real stucco will absorb moisture, but dries quickly. Genuine stucco is solid, hard, and more durable and water-resistant.

Here at Atlas Construction, we can help you with all your stucco needs, and have your home looking amazing. Here’s a picture of the different looks that stucco can be presented.


Benefits of Stucco Siding?

  • First stucco siding  has superior durability to the elements with regards to erosion, water, wind, and  freeze thaw cycles assuming the substrate is adequately prepared.  Plus cement stucco impact resistance is excellent unless you happen to drive your car into it.
  • Preventative maintenance and stucco repair costs are low compared to other types of siding
  • Stucco has its own natural insulation properties unlike that old vinyl or wood siding.
  • Lower installation cost for the typical installation
  • Various troweled textured finishes for that traditional look or smooth finish for a more modern look.
  • Can be sealed with elastomeric coating to give an even textured look while  at the same time act as barrier to the elements for longer life.  Color options are virtually unlimited compared to pigmented traditional stucco.
  • Can add ornamental detail trims made of EPS insulation on top of the smooth hardcoat.  This trim is installed similarly to EIFS except the substrate is the newly installed stucco.

At Atlas Construction USA Corp, we promise quality and beautiful results. Give us a call today to see how we can help you beautify your home.