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Roofing contractors Bronx, the premier Roofing contractors in bronx, Atlas Construction USA Corp is a family owned business which has been serving the 5 boroughs of New York and Westchester for 20 years. We're partnered with Chris, a great roofer in Orange, Connecticut known as Valley Roofing. We service residential and commercial roofing customers in all of Westchester, Yonkers, and NY. Atlas Construction USA Corp is a fully licensed roofing contractors bronx. Our owner and president oversees every job, so you can feel safe knowing your roofing job will be completed by a professional roofer with 2 decades of experience in not just roofing but construction in general. He is a Certified Installer for many roofing products including GAF Authorized, Grace Trained Applicator, California Stucco, Torch Down Roofing, Firestone Building Products, Velux Skylights and more! We specialize in everything from expert slate craftsmanship to hot asphalt built-up commercial roofing - this is reflected well in this article.

Atlas Construction USA Corp prides itself on hiring local, experienced roofers as full time employees. We do not subcontract our work or hire employees on an as needed basis. Our professionals can take on any job, none too big or too small.  Our workmanship is unmatched and our customer are always extremely pleased with our work. Roofing contractors bronx, a family business, successfully serving its respected customers in New York and the Tri-state area. We know how important is to maintain and repair your family home, commercial building, warehouse or office.

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As one of the oldest roofing contractor companies among Bronx Roofing Contractors, Manhattan Roofing Contractors, Queens Roofing Contractors, expert NY Roofers, dependable New York Roofing Company, whom serving New York City and NY State, we are licensed, bonded and fully insured. We provide written guarantees, free estimate, inspection and assistance with your roofing project(s). We specialized in Slate, Tile, Wood, Metal & Cooper roofing.


In our many years in the commercial and residential roofing business, we have gained enormous experience in all major roofing problems and issues that makes us the best choice within the Bronx Roofers, and NY Roofing contractors. Our roofing experts can help you with roof repairs, leak detection, flashing & copper work. Roofing Contractor Bronx. 

After doing roofing for over 30 years there’s some things that every contractor is going to learn whether they are doing their best are not. One of those things that they’re going to learn is that my customer satisfaction is the best way to approach a business from top to bottom.

This idea has doing gone me from so many angles that I have taken D pedestal and made a philosophy off my business. It is like starting an insurance company and focusing on sales as your main vehicle, as any this is a little know that the roofing business whether it be the bathroom remodeling business whether it be a plumbing business – there are certain principles that run all the similarities into one crossword puzzle lines like a universal law. That is what this thing really is, when you focus on customers first you are going to come from a place of help abundance. As the premier roofing contractors in Bronx New York, that is exactly where are grandfather and father wanted us to be. To do business with an approach to be helpful and genuinely caring to the customers from top to bottom. I am a firm believer that at the rate of our company is scaling, we will be one of the top roofing companies in New York alone.

Traveling in Bronx to Fix Roofs

There’s a few things you to keep in mind when you are going to homeowners location to fix their rules in Bronx.

  • If you are going to Morris park, you better make sure that you’re doing it in the morning –because that means that you’re going to have to come over the bridge where there is often a lot of traffic.
  • If you’re going to fix shingles in the west side of Bronx, then you should make sure you have at least one person was going to stand guard off your car what you’re busy on the roof.

Note these me sound a little humorous at first but when you are fixing numerous rules every day, there is hundreds of factors that can chip away at your mental health and frustration levels. You must do everything you can to not let this get to you but also do everything you can so you live a lifestyle where you are leveraging the time of the day to your advantage.

Most of us got into roofing not just for the money, there is at least a little bit off dignity in the idea off the old school pleasure of doing hands on work for the community and serving its basic needs.

I believe that being in this demographic which has taken action and risk to serve the community for homebuilding, and service there is a protection you get which is never talked about. Net protection is a lot to do wit how do feel when you’re having a bad day – it is to feel you come from the community and our now here to serve it instead off just another guy who is trying to snatch someone else’s earnings. If you want to know more about the types of materials we use, then read here.







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Parapet Walls

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Roofing Repair

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"They did a great job ensuring that communication was clear and frequent for any of my roofing and chimney questions." 

"When they left my house not only was everything fixed and done perfectly like when I bought the house new and I also couldn’t find a piece of dust on the floor. They’re very responsible and also completed the job in a timely manner. My husband had a lot of questions and concerns however there were able to answer everything as well as ensure that the job would be done perfectly. This is one of my best experiences with any roofing contractor in my life. I highly recommend this roofer to anybody and Bronx and in Queens. Whether is you need to fix your shingles are you need a new asphalt coating these guys can do everything from EPDM and true basement recovery."


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We are getting some new updates to our work in 2017 and we will make sure that all the things that we do gets tidying. 

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